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Written in Brooklyn's Solo Show Festival brings together New York’s best and brightest performers to make you laugh, cry, and question everything you’ve ever known. From sexual mishaps to secrets with strangers and back again, come on a journey filled with American Girls Dolls, grief, humor and acceptance. It’s called entertainment, baby!

Santa's Girlfriend
It’s Halloween, and Becky’s dressing up in the hottest costume she can come up with: Santa’s Girlfriend. This storytelling show covers the beginnings of a 30-something's sexual odyssey, featuring Fairuza Balk, an Italian astrophysicist, and Lord of the Rings memorabilia. Come for the tricks, stay for the treats!
About the artist: Becky Abrams is an actor, voiceover artist, and writer from Atlanta, GA. She has performed with UCBTNY in various house sketch teams as well as her own sketch show, A Date with Every Boy. Her voice has been featured on Audible's Heads Will Roll and a handful of Mailchimp ads, and the rest of her has appeared in commercials for Hannaford, Philadelphia, PooPourri, Giphy, among others. She also wrote, co-directed, and starred in the short film Always Left Handed.
There are spies with eyes everywhere in this proverbial New York City grocery store–so, you better not put that bulk bin butterscotch hard candy in your pocket without paying. Join Sarah as she shares the secrets of grocery-shopping-strangers and quite possibly some of her own (and most likely yours, too).
About the artist: Sarah Miles is an actor, comedian and self-proclaimed snazzy grandma from Galax, Virginia. She's always in bed by 9pm, loves sparkly things and spends the majority of her time with her dogs Grover and Minnie. Currently, Sarah co-hosts the monthly storytelling show ONE TIME with Kate Gadzinski (whoot-whoot!) at Cherry on Top in Brooklyn, NY. Other crowning achievements: starred as a dead body in the opening credits of a Dustin Hoffman movie, made eye contact with Paul Giamatti in public and she is a lifetime member of The Actors Studio.
The Care and Keeping of Kate
This is a support group for the people whose moms gave them the American Girl Doll Body Book for girls, and nothing else to help them through puberty.
About the artist: Kate is a comedian and hosts a monthly comedy show at Cherry on Top in Brooklyn, with fellow Solo Show performer Sarah Miles. She was in a failed webseries once, and spent a lot of money at UCB over her first few (maybe more than that) years in NYC. You can catch her on her team's daily scrum standup at the tech company she obviously works for since she has too many branded backpacks and a five panel hat that's supposed to look good on everyone.
An All American Girl
What happens when you were regularly dressed as a child survivor from the 1st cabin of the Titanic, raised by Oprah and Tyra Banks, and a life size symbol of freedom for children everywhere who had their hearts set on playing with Kirsten Larson (circa 1856) whose family made the pilgrimage from Sweden to Minnesota for that frontier life™?! If any of this sounds remotely relatable, please talk to me after and I can give you the number to my therapist! If this, however, sounds isolating, sit back, relax and commiserate!
About the artist: Margaret is a human girl who currently resides in Brooklyn until she will inevitably be unable to afford her rent stabilized apartment. She is recently unemployed but spends her free time perusing the missed connections of Craigslist hoping to find her star crossed lover and or a job. Definitely a job! Some would say she peaked (professionally) when she had a job with a 401k, but she has yet to peak (physically), so we are very excited for that! When she’s not crying, you can find her performing in dimly lit, asbestos ridden venues where the laughter drowns out her ability to figure out what she "really wants to do with her life"! – as per her parent's request. You could’ve caught her in Sears catalogues in the early 2000’s, local Detroit commercials or starring in the remake of a Japanese game show, but it absolutely fell through at the last moment and she is still in mourning! This is for Ryan and Ernie.
Coming Out to Dead People
“Coming Out to Dead People ” is a coming-of-age solo show that follows 19 year-old Ricky who had to decide whether to come out of closet to his conservative mom while she was battling with terminal cancer. Combining stand-up and storytelling, the show explores the meaning of acceptance, grief, the Asian immigrant family dynamics, and why you shouldn’t think about your ancestors when having gay sex.
About the artist: Ricky is a lawyer turned comedian originally from Malaysia. As a stand-up, he has performed at various venues in NYC, LA, Toronto, and Kuala Lumpur. He opened for Marcia Belsky (Comedy Central) as part of the 2022 NY Comedy Festival and was selected as a 2021 PIT/SNL scholarship recipient. He is a member of the sketch comedy team SponsoredBy at the Player’s Theater.

*Please note that this performance will be presented at the Tank's in-person performance space at 312 W 36th St. All attendees and artists will be required to have two doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccine. Patrons will also be required to wear masks when not eating or drinking.

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Dates: One Night Only: April 15, 2023