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Miller, Mississippi by Boo Killbebrew, Tuesday, September 13
Spanning decades, from the Civil Rights Era to the early 1990s, this new Southern Gothic tale follows a genteel Mississippi family’s unraveling in the midst of societal change. The play examines a legacy of privilege that is as lurid as it is based in truth.

Laura and the Sea by katy Tarker, Monday, September 19
It’s company outing day, and Laura, one of the top travel agents of her generation, is having the best/worst day of her life. So much so that she decides to end it all. Afterwards, her colleagues try to piece things together on a memorial blog, but how do you mourn someone you didn’t know that well? A comedy about depression, or: a treatise on travel agents who don’t travel.

Nostalgia is a Mild Form of Grief by Jerry Lieblich
Katie, a young photographer, comes home for a visit with her new boyfriend in tow. As her Mom shares baby photos, Katie gets sucked into a past she has tried hard to push away. A time-jumping journey through the wormholes of memory, family history, and time itself.

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Dates: Opening Night: September 13, 2016 Final Performance: September 21, 2016