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After touring the globe for the last 14 years to international acclaim, the eight-member troupe Soledad Barrio & Noche Flamenca traverses the Atlantic from their native Spain to illuminate the romantic and cavernous Theatre 80 with a candle lit explosion of song, dance and red hot passion. With their pure, authentic brand of flamenco, the troupe is proud to announce the world premiere of El Mar! (The Sea). The evening includes several repertory works including "La Plaza," stirring solos by the dancers and a new piece inspired by Ibsen's "La Dama del Mar/The Lady from the Sea" that speaks about the struggle of a woman searching relentlessly for freedom and choice, who finds her solace in the strength of the sea. The sea, that archaic, unconscious, all-knowing savage whose silent stillness and ruthless crashing is likened to Flamenco itself. El Mar strips its heroine (Barrio) to her core confronting and questioning the confining morals and laws by which she must live. This dramatic and physical piece roots itself in the liberating essence from which Flamenco originally forged its fiery form to produce a graceful and savage scream for personal and social freedom.

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