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When She Was King is a performance piece by International "Gender Illusionist " Diyaa (a.k.a. Mildred Gerestant) formerly known as "DRED." When She Was King is a funny, funky, superfly, thought and spirit provoking performance on life, and conditioning, gender and diversity. An interesting twist of Madea, Martin, and The Klumps -- A hilarious and delightful experience unlike any you have seen before. Diyaa calls attention to the oppression that results from society's rigid ideas of gender (not to mention race and religion) as she morphs from Shaft into P. Diddy quicker than you can ask, "Who's that, uh, girl?" You won't believe your eyes. Directed By Emmitt Thrower. Mark Muro, Anchorage Daily News, says "Gerestant is a trickster. Watching her channel her characters produces a strange sensation. As her costumes change, we witness transformation by degree, an experience that not only challenges our assumptions but also teases us with an uneasy feeling of dislocation. Just as we settle into one character, Gerestant pulls a quick change and sends us looking for another label. A gifted dancer and superb physical comedian, Gerestant repeatedly brought down the house with her outrageous antics." Group Sales Number (10+): 917-716-6635 Appropriate for teens and upwards.

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