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WARNING: Not For Broadway! is an annual festival that functions like a laboratory for experiments in musical theater and opera works. Richard S. Bach, a Dixon Place board member, initiated the festival in 2001 to open doors to emerging and established musical theatre creators trying out unconventional pieces. This year, Dixon Place is partnering with New York Musical Theater Festival to bring fresh, original work to the form, and WNFB will show 13 new works and works-in-progress at Dixon Place at The Marquee. Produced & curated by Michelle Feldman.

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 22 at 8PM (door opens at 7:30; post-show reception)

The Eggmobile by Ricardo Ortiz: A multicultural, semi-autobiographical work about a Young Man’s search for his own identity while battling with the forces of good and evil.


Tuesday by Brett Macias and Caroline Murphy (7PM): Using rock, hip-hop, jazz and gospel, “Tuesday” exposes the violence, terror and humor of high school, as it delves into the fantasies and reality of 7 sophomores as they try to survive a single day.

States of Confinement by Lance Horne and Mark Campbell (8:30PM):
In Lovesick, by Michelle Feldman and James Jannucci, passion is pathology. Julia Fine has found and lost her one true love, a man of seductive mystery and feral charm. Fed up with psychotherapy, Julia seeks out a radical brain operation that transforms her into the perfect object of desire.


BFG by Gary Plotkin (4PM): A giant kidnaps little Sophie and whisks her off to Gigantusland, home to a pack of man-eating giants. However, Sophie hatches a clever plan to escape involving dreams, Queen Elizabeth, the Royal Air Force, and the flatulence-producing drink, frobscottle.

The Victor Woo Project by Kevin Merritt and Kevin So (4PM): Follow Victor’s dream of musical fame, while struggling to bridge cultural and generational divides within his middle-class Asian-American family in Boston, MA.

Saddamn the Musical (Part II) by Mitch Kess (6PM): Picking up where Part 1 left off, it takes you behind the scenes with Hussein, the Bush administration, and the songs that lurk in their hearts.

Deaf Man Mocking by Jay Alan Zimmerman (6PM): A multi-media heap o’ comedy, music, video, sign language and animated text about living with uncontrollable censorship, medical absurdities, and a composer facing deafness who wonders “If I must become a bionic man to hear again, are superpowers included?”

Only Children by Michael Jackson and Rachel Peters (8PM): The Abortion Stork, the Headless Queen, and the Man in the Mask lead three seventh-graders through the dark course of adolescence in this update of Wedekind’s Spring’s Awakening, set in today’s hypersexual America where adulthood and childhood clash and blur.


Doctor Dick by Susan Horowitz (5PM): An interactive musical comedy about a NYC teacher who answers a personal ad from a Florida plastic surgeon who specializes in boob jobs.

Pearl’s Gone Blue by Leslie Kramer and Gabriel Gorden (5PM): In the 1940’s South even the gospel church is hot. But that’s nothing compared to the temperature rise when bluesman Billy Beau comes to town. Sellulah Pearl’s got her sights on more than his guitar. But who will sing the last note?

Wake Her Up by Janine McGuire and Emily Paul (7PM): Rising starlet Psyche, secretly chosen by punk princess Persephone to take down pop-sensation Aphrodite and restore the music scene at Club Underworld, falls for rock star Eros, the sexy god of love and son of Aphrodite.

Olsen Terror by Chris Wells, David May & Jeremy Bass (8:30PM): In the course of a long sleepless night in his apartment, The Man tries to resist the fact that he is turning into The Olsen Twins. It’s a creepily fun musical exploration of America’s obsession with celebrity, youth, addiction & greed.

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Dates: Opening Night: September 22, 2005 Final Performance: September 25, 2005

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