Untucked: 5 Short Plays about LGBT Culture

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From the gay pick-up bar scene… to young urban female professionals… to a special friendship formed in a waiting room of an STD clinic… to legends about mermaids that actually come true… and a very special gay Cinderella tale… the 5 stories told in Untucked: 5 Short Plays about LGBT Culture creatively covers the rainbow of gay characters, subcultures and perspectives in a witty and whimsical manner.

The evening of short plays is presented in collaboration with Baruch Performing Arts Center and Baruch College’s LGBT Graduate Society and Graduate Arts Association. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to God’s Love We Deliver. The total running time for the entire evening is 75 minutes. The five plays will include:

Written by Duncan Pflaster
Directed by Lynn Manuell
A fun yet provocative look at the bisexual world of Phillip, a young man on the threshold of marriage and the brink of disaster. Phillip will be performed by Mark-Eugene Garcia with Alexis Braxton as Patricia, the straight-best-friend of an openly gay young man, Paul is portrayed by Jack E. DeLorenzo, and Polly, a bartender by Hannah Hatton. Director Lynn Manuell is a member of the FACT Charter and Board of Directors.

Written by Penny Jackson
Directed by *Jack Dyville, FACT
Producer/Artistic Director
Playwright Penny Jackson is a seasoned FACT playwright with a sitcom style comedy about a young lesbian couple who have recently split-up. For one reason or another, their schedules are blamed as Dr. Sandra James, played by Amanda Johnson, unknowingly breaks the heart of Nicole Ross, a young law student played by Jessica Vera. Adding to the heartache is Nicole’s mother Ellen who fakes a medical emergency to confront her daughters ‘heart-breaker’ played with style by Fact charter member *Lucy Sorlucco. Rounding out the cast as Nicole’s father is FACT co-producer *David Gillam Fuller.

Written by Jack Dyville
Directed by Steven Hauck
The centerpiece of the evening’s entertainment is the comical yet moving and up-to-date "Untucked," an untold fairy tale which is billed as a gay Cinderella story and deals with equality and bullying in the gay world. Taking on the role of Drew (D’ella) is *KC Comeaux (O’Bdwy "One Arm") with Tym Moss playing the part of his Fairy Godmother. The ‘more-righteous-than-thou’ stepmother is portrayed by *Maureen Taylor while her sons, Butch and Bruce are performed respectively by John Sartori and Jack E. DeLorenso. Directed by Steven Hauck, no stranger to FACT as a director, he has appeared on Broadway in "Irena’s Vow" and off Broadway in "One Arm".

Written by Christine Emmert and Marjorie Conn
Directed by Mike Metzel
"At Sea" explores the mystical world of mermaids, maidens and a millionaire bigot. The play features FACT favorite *Betty Hudson (Bdway "George M!, "Butterflies Are Free") as Ester and Marjorie Conn as Ariel. The humans who encounter the mermaids stranded on shore are Lynn Manuell as Alice and Mary Sprague as Simone. Mr. Mastema, the town bigot, who owns most of the Boardwalk, is played by Peter Zehren. Director Mike Metzel is a regular member of the FACT Directors division.

Written by Mark Eugene Garcia
Directed by Jana Mattioli
Rounding out the evening will be a ten minute presentation from a longer work, which explores being in the right place at the wrong time or vice versa and how two strangers handle an awkward moment. The play features Thomas Leverton as Eric and Edwin Ortega as Carlos and is directed by Jana Mattioli, who directed last season’s "Bidentity Crisis" for the FACT LGBT Festival, which Ms. Mattiolo turned into an independent Short film for Dreamcatcher Entertainment. "Bidentity Crisis" was written by FACT Charter member/Board of Directors, Zach Rothman Hicks.

*Denotes an AEA member.

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Dates: Opening Night: October 23, 2011 Final Performance: October 25, 2011