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The culmination of two weeks of rehearsals and feedback exchange, Two on Two [2/2] offers a rare opportunity to see "works in process" by two seasoned choreographers in The Kitchen's second floor theater. The performance concludes with a discussion between the audience and performers, providing invaluable and immediate response to the work. Anika T. Kristensen collaborates with her multidisciplinary company, Transmission Projects, to create I Forgot How To Walk Straight-an exploration of daily movements and routines. In investigating the hidden meanings behind these physical habits-and often-dysfunctional postures-a body intelligence is revealed as well as an "essence" people try so carefully to conceal. Michael Portnoy and his newly formed dance theater company XAR present Shucking the What-a progressive-rock operetta about a wizard therapy retreat for self-stimulation experts/survivors. The piece is a Cracker Jack theater playtime, where participants find or make surprises inside cardboard forts, dance by plugging themselves into an imaginary world constructed as a huge operator switchboard, and struggle through riffs like little tyrants.

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