About This Show

cabula6 and onnotheater, together with Tanzquartier Wien and The Austrian Cultural Forum New York, present Claudia Heu and Jeremy Xido’s Trace, premiering in New York City as a two-part theatrical experience. The first component is a CD/walkman-guided tour through the Lower East Side and Chinatown from April 24 through May 2, 2004 (11am to 4pm, daily). Register for the tour by email at trace@acfny.org or (917) 520-9238. The second component invites tour participants to the Austrian Cultural Forum Theater, 11 East 52nd Street at 5th Avenue. Performances are April 30th at 8pm and May 1st at 4 pm and 8pm.

In an attempt to bridge the conscious divide which seemingly separates people, Trace is a playful meditation on how memories and fantasies are constructed and lost. Both components of the work (tour and performance) explore the neurological phenomena which construct “coherent” visions of the world out of the millions fragmented sensory and conceptual impressions we experience daily. The tour and performance are integrated. “Audiences” sign up to walk the tour, which is led solely by a voice on a CD player. They are scheduled for a specific time at a specific location upon registration. The audio tour begins from two different sites in the city, and winds its way through New York’s Lower East Side and Chinatown as each participant embodies and walks the path of the recorded character from 1919. Two separate characters convene and diverge, and upon finishing the tour, meet at a table in a restaurant.

Show Details

Dates: Opening Night: April 24, 2004 Final Performance: May 2, 2004