This England: The Complete Kings 1377-1485 (Abridged)

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Who is the rightful King of England?

Eight actors perform over 40 roles in a condensed adaptation of Shakespeare’s play cycle chronicling over a hundred years of war, murder, seduction, and betrayal as one family tries to answer the most hotly contested political question of the middle ages.

This England is a geopolitical epic that takes audiences on a dramatic roller coaster to the heights of the medieval English monarchy’s glory and the depths of its depravity.

Grief-stricken John of Gaunt, heroic Henry the Fifth, murderous Queen Margaret, repulsive Richard the Third, and dozens more of Shakespeare’s greatest characters cross swords, match wits, and meditate on the nature of power, ambition, and leadership in this unique adaptation.

See Shakespeare’s eight compelling and dramatic histories as he understood them: connected stories in a continuous narrative that shaped both his time and ours.

Show Details

Running Time: 2hr 30min (1 intermission)
Dates: Opening Night: August 25, 2016 Final Performance: August 28, 2016
Ticket Office: 415-407-931


Heather Lee Rogers KING RICHARD II and others
Jak Watson KING HENRY IV and others
Megan Lee KING HENRY V and others
Shannon Stowe KING HENRY VI and others
Mackenzie Knapp KING EDWARD IV and others
Kendra Slack KING EDWARD V and others
Graham Miles KING RICHARD III and others
Jack Plowe KING HENRY VII and others

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Performances begin: October 1, 2023