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Einstein and Marx converge through wine, song, and romance in The Top Ten People of the Millennium Sing Their Favorite Schubert Lieder, by Alec Duffy. Combining the visceral and the hysterically heady, this music theater piece explodes the last millennium, leaving the stage littered with the detritus of colonialism, technology and the loss of innocence. Einstein, Marx, Galileo and others gather in a salon-like setting, where they argue over timeless themes of truth and beauty and sing the beguiling songs of Schubert. As the characters wrestle both figuratively and literally with the development of a civilization, they endeavor to build relationships with each other onstage: a clumsy Karl Marx is guided by a mysterious figure to woo a tart Einstein, Galileo has abandoned science for music composition, and Copernicus is invaded by spirits beyond his control.

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