The Terrible Tragedy of Peter Pan

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A reimagining of the classic children’s story adapted from the original J.M. Barrie play, The Terrible Tragedy of Peter Pan casts adults in the roles traditionally played by children. And explores through this new lens, what it really means to never grow up. Director Christina Sheehan’s sparse yet gritty design, institutionalizes each character in a way that lets us look into their psychology as we watch each “play” through their individual psychoses. A world made of “faith, trust, and fairy dust” that makes us ask ourselves are we in Neverland, or is Neverland inside all of us?

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Running Time: 1hr 30min (0 intermissions)
Dates: Opening Night: May 20, 2016 Final Performance: June 30, 2016
Ticket Office: 3303986401


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