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Based on true events, The Sun Shines East is an adoption story set against the backdrop of political strife in the mid-1990s. After suffering a series of miscarriages, Christine, a New York actress, finds herself drawn "east" to The Republic of Georgia to adopt a baby. Her husband Robert, also an actor, a bit less enthusiastically goes along with the idea. Despite a chilly welcome from the staff of the children's hospital there, the two parents-to-be immediately fall in love with a baby girl and make plans to bring her home. However, unbeknownst to them, the government of Georgia shuts down international adoptions. The couple find themselves in the middle of the political and personal fight of their lives, testing both their marriage and ultimately their courage. Written and produced by adoptive mothers.

Written by: Corrine Chateau Directed by: Pat Golden Produced by: Mary Francina Golden

Cast includes: Amy Staats*, Bristol Pomeroy, Karen Christie-Ward*, Mary Francina Golden* and Tara Gadomski*

*Actors' Equity Member

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