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A comic thriller about love, identity and identity theft, The Sublet Experiment combines a serial sublettor, a reality show reject and the worst bank robbers in history as two young people try to find themselves, but end up finding each other. Instead of using a conventional theater, the play, which is set entirely in a New York City apartment, is presented in a different actual NYC apartment each weekend. Travelling from neighborhood to neighborhood across the five boroughs, it is performed for an audience of twelve at a time. "There's something similar about apartments and relationships - a new relationship, like a new apartment, is a chance to reinvent yourself [...] New Yorkers are so obsessed with real estate because where you live has a huge effect on how you live." - Ethan Youngerman, playwright "Performing the play in different apartments also enables us to discover to what extent the play reinvents itself in each new venue. Is the play different in Astoria than it is in Harlem?" - Michelle Tattenbaum, director Upcoming shows are as follows: May 3 - 6 Upper West Side & Bronx May 10 - 13 Chelsea May 17- 20 Soho May 24 - 27 off for Memorial Day weekend May 31 - June 3 Morning Side Heights June 7 - 10 Park Slope June 14 - 17 Harlem For information on performance venues please visit The Sublet Experiment.

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