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"Her", a lonely, depressed alcoholic sets up a web cam in her apartment in an effort to reach out to the world. "Him", is socially inept and completely disconnected with the outside. He is the sole viewer of her web cam. Although she can't confirm his existence, she can tell from her screen that one person is always watching. Without making any real contact, they both find comfort in each other. He becomes obsessed with Her, watching every moment of her life.. He wants to save her from her misery, but can't find a way of making contact. He can't sleep, for fear that he might miss a step or a breath . When she makes the decision to move to another city, he continues to watch her every move in the apartment as she begins to pack her belongings. Her moving sends him reeling into a frantic, hysterical state. The decision to make a change in her life sets off a series of tragic events and we see a glimpse of Him in a very different light. Performance Schedule: Tuesday, August 17 at 8pm Wednesday, August 18 at 8pm Thursday, August 19 at 8pm Friday, August 20 at 8pm (performed in Spanish) Saturday, August 21 at 8pm Sunday, August 22 at 2pm (performed in Spanish) Monday, August 23 at 10:30pm Tuesday, August 24 at 10:30pm0pm.

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