The Rapture Project

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Obie and Jim Henson Award winning Great Small Works presents the New York Premiere of The Rapture Project. This seriocomic look at fundamentalism and current American culture is played out to absurdist limits by a colorful cast of marionette puppets, live performers, and musicians.

Alternately ridiculous and terrifying, The Rapture Project brings together tabloid newspaper stories, popular literature about Armageddon, and fundamentalist iconography to create an epic spectacle following an unlikely cast of characters from the USA to The Middle East and beyond. See the Creationist tour of the Grand Canyon and learn the history of the world through Bible-based science. Enter the world of Muslim squatter punks in Buffalo where young believers try to redefine Islam for the 21st century. Marvel as the spirit of Susan Sontag debates the Devil. Be awed as regular American citizens confront the growing power of fundamentalism over their lives and institutions. Wonder if The Rapture is upon us!

Inspired by Sicilian puppet theater of the 1800’s which performed the epic clash of Christians and Muslims, The Rapture Project examines the influence of religion in American culture and politics today. In an age when so many Americans believe in the imminent arrival of The End Times, what does it mean that these believers have the ear of their highest ranking politicians?

The Rapture Project is created and performed by Great Small Works members John Bell, Trudi Cohen, Stephen Kaplin and Jenny Romaine, with performers Shane Baker, Andrea Lomanto and Jessica Lorence. The piece features original music composed and performed by saxophonist Jessica Lurie.

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Dates: Opening Night: January 4, 2007 Final Performance: January 21, 2007

Theatermania Review

| | January 8, 2007
Great Small Works’ latest puppet extravaganza is an earnest, yet imperfectly realized satire about religious fundamentalism.