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Enter the realm of The Pumpkin Pie Show–a storytelling session delivered with the punk rock Kamikaze intensity of an artistic three-way between literature, theatre and music. Backed by a live soundtrack from One Ring Zero, Clay McLeod Chapman and company shatter the dividing line between spectator and actor to create a rock concert/theatrical sideshow, earning a worldwide cult following that grows with each new performance.

Big Top features 5 World-Premiere stories, including:

–?Pin Cushion?–(10 minutes of maximum risk, from renowned knife-throwing act THE GREAT THROWDINI & NIABI)–Married for ten years, Walt and his wife have been performing their knife-throwing routine in front of audiences all across the country. Impotent off-stage, Walt has to use his cutlery as a means in which to get himself excited, as the two exercise their sexual fantasies on-stage, in front of hundreds.

–?A Hand To Pitch Tent?–As a nomadic freak show tours the deep south, young corn farmers-to-be are inexplicably drawn under its tent, pulled by the sirens call of an ethereal trapeze artist who soars, twists, and turns supported only by her hair.

–?Tummy Tamer?–Tartooth and Sandleman, the lion and the lion tamer, have been bound to one another for years, running through their routine of Sandleman slipping his head inside Tartooth’s gaping mouth time and time again. But when Tartooth decides to disrupt the balance between them and actually bite down, Sandleman is left to fight his way back into the spotlight–from within the belly of the beast, itself.

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Dates: Opening Night: May 24, 2002 Final Performance: June 29, 2002

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| | June 10, 2002