About This Show

Written, directed, and produced by Paul Armento

A young substitute teacher follows her class on a moral filled musical journey through some very important life lessons such as treating each other with respect, telling the truth, accepting unchangeable circumstances, and living a balanced life, to name a few. She meets Chuck (the bully), Danielle (the spoiled rich child) and a stage full of other colorful characters that teach her as much as she teaches them! The York Theatre Company presents The People Garden. Recommended for kids ages 3-12 and adults.

“The People Garden has captured a (child’s) sense of humor and done the near impossible……..made it funny for adults” NY Times

“…these kids have made it!”
Brian Palmer, CNN

“…a couple of numbers blow the roof off the 177 seat theater…an excellent first musical for young children.”
Big Apple Parent

“…These are some very TALENTED kids with a very important message” .
Shelley Goldberg, NY 1

Show Details

Dates: Opening Night: December 6, 2003 Final Performance: January 31, 2004