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The Winter 2004 Writer/Director’s Forum, a festival of workshop productions of plays, presents works by new writers and directors. It is part of the company’s mission to reflect life on the stage with truth and theatricality while exploring a female vision/aesthetic. The festival is held twice a year at The Looking Glass Theatre. This year’s Winter Festival features the work of six emerging female directors tackling new works by female playwrights, while incorporating their own very unique styles.

December 2 – 5, 2004
Flyers – Written by Kate Marks, Directed by Heidi Handelsman
Starring: Julia Davis and Rob Stewart
Synopsis: A peek at the invisible people you don’t see on the street everyday.

Blue-Eyed Ophelia – Written by Erin Hurme, Directed by Destiny Lilly
Starring: Wendy Espinal, Erin Hurme, and Kristin Wishoski
Synopsis: A condemned woman unveils her past in this multidisciplinary exploration of class, guilt, and the suffocating power of love.

Avalon – Written by: Dickey Nesenger, Directed by: Sarah Austin Jenness
Starring: Julie Marcus, David Beaukema
Assistant Director for Week 1: Talya Klein

December 16 – 19, 2004
The Date – Written by: Kym Moore, Directed by: Jolie Tong
Starring: Sachi Grandoit, Julie Ferrell, Akyiaa M. Wilson, Caroline Neishe Taylor, Rebecca Lee Lorden
Synopsis: A comedic play that explores the absurdities and quanderies of female singledom through the recollection of the before, during and after of a single date- as told collectively by 5 women.

Don’t Wait/Til it’s Too Late – Written by Lenore Blumenfeld, Directed by Katherine Heberling
Starring: Emily Fink, Megan McCoy, and Chris Specziale
Synopsis: Take matters into your own hands and join the Happy Ending Suicide Fulfillment Society. Beat life at its own game. Contact Officer Mirth and Officer Merriment for details.

A Hat is Just a Hat – Written by Lenore Blumenfeld, Directed by Kelly Haydon
Starring: Ron Palais, Sorin Erickson, and Bill Edwards
Synopsis: Riotous comedy about Causes, Effects, and those little White Lies.
Assistant Director for Week 2: Sherin Bennett

The Looking Glass Theatre’s mission is to explore and expand the feminine aesthetic, producing works by historic female playwrights, new works by women, and productions of the classics re-imagined by contemporary women directors.

There are NO performances the second week of December (Dec. 9-12).

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Dates: Opening Night: December 2, 2004 Final Performance: December 19, 2004
Location: Looking Glass Theatre, New York City

422 W 57th St,

New York,


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