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After last year’s overtly political production, King Cowboy Rufus Rules The Universe, Richard Foreman is back in metaphysical mode with his new play The Gods Are Pounding My Head! (Lumberjack Messiahs). Celebrating 37 years of mind-bending artistry, 67 year old Foreman creates what he describes as the culmination of his many baroque and wildly theatrical pieces; after this year’s climactic extravaganza, he plans a move into a more meditative mixed media mode.

The Gods Are Pounding My Head! (Lumberjack Messiahs) is a heart-rending yet comic meditation on the theme of destruction, or if we step back a few feet, the twilight of the West as we know it. Two bumbling lumberjacks, after a lifetime of clearing the forest, find themselves at the edge of a gaping void. But they eagerly anticipate good news that seems hidden in sweet drops of honey deposited by busy bees. However, as with all Foreman landscapes, there is dread mixed in with their imagined pleasure, as they encounter a beautiful, irreverent princess who taunts them with the mysteries of sex, death and desire.

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Dates: Opening Night: January 18, 2005 Final Performance: April 24, 2005

Theatermania Review

| | January 21, 2005