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World Premiere The Archery Contest, a Radio Play, by John Jahnke and The Hotel Savant, is an abstract sex comedy that follows the al fresco adventures of a quintet of players trapped between the Christian rules of the past and the Nihilistic chaos of the future. A Reverend and his wife pursue a young girl and boy in a contest to claim them as secondary spouses. Encouraged by the teenagers' guardian - a cemetery Sexton - the chase reaches its zenith during the ritualistic celebration of a long forgotten holiday. Designed as a serial radio play in 3 parts, the work invokes visuals that remain unseen, challenging the notion that theatre exists only in the realm of the visual stage. A studio recording of Part 1 will be online at ART Radio in October 2007, while Part 2 will be recorded live in a staged performance at PS122 before going online. Part 3 will appear in 2008. Note: each part is a self-contained performance-event that can be enjoyed individually. Presented in association with Art Radio Web Radio Station.

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