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Takesi's music is as pre-Hispanic as the road it takes its name from. It begins in the south of La Paz City, Bolivia, and rises to overcome the Cordillera Real, picking up to its step the rhythm of the subtropics, the song of the valley, the immensity of the highland, and the spirit of the Andes. Takesi's trip takes us to relentless territories, where the academic structures are the basis for the ensemble and improvisation, achieving this way a balance between Bolivian feeling and the freedom of contemporary music in a deep and novel concept.

This continuous ascent is achieved through big built perrons with the stone of the folklore, the wood of the jazz, and the metal of the funk, saving this way the differences of history, to be constituted in a bridge inside the evolution of contemporary music.

Taking the trip with Takesi is an indispensable requirement to discover the prints that travelers leave in the places they inhabit, enriching the culture to their step when transforming the road into an end for oneself.

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