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Series A: Thursday, August 12th at 7:00 pm THE METEOR SEASON Written & Directed by Keaton Weiss A chance encounter between two strangers leads to a revealing discussion of love, life, and the end of time. HAPPY GIRL Written & Directed by Brian Leider Featuring: Victoria Dicce & Caitlin Zvoleff Joy is floating belly up in your fish bowl. BLIND SIDED Written by Cynthia Talia Ferri & Directed by Jonathan Libman In this zany, fast-paced techno-world of cyber dating, a communication hiccup turns this blind date hook-up into an absurdity that is sure to amuse! Series B: Thursday, August 12th at 9:00 pm MIRROR, MIRROR... Written & Directed by Norman Weinstein A man and his family learn a very valuable lesson… be careful what you wish for. DREAM WEDDING! Written by Ellen Orchid & Directed by Whitney Aronson A group of unemployed actors concoct a scheme to win a "Dream Wedding!" on a morning TV talk show. DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS Written by Greg Edwards Not all embassies are born equal. Series C: Friday, August 13rh at 7:00 pm CURVEBALL Written by Brendan Burke & Directed by Sarah V. Michelson A young couple faces the end of their youth amid the recent banking crisis. HONOUR Written by Dipti J. Mehta & Directed by Daniel Kadin Guest Director: Erica Gould. Featuring: Dipti J. Mehta Honour, a prostitute's gift to her only daughter. THE SESSION Written by Chris Ferretti & Directed by Julie Wallach Set in 1982, a Jersey City psychologist and a overbearing mother find out the hard way what happens when you push a Mafia Captain too far. Series D: Friday, August 13th at 9:00 pm FIREMAN Written & Directed by Stephen Brown Featuring: Steven Michael Laing & Frank Winters Fireman brings us into the lives of a couple caught in the wake of a fire, leaving one of them and their relationship scorched and disfigured. ALL IS ONE NOW Written by Josh Gulotta Featuring: Daniel Brian Jones, Tim Jones, Mae Mitchell & Morgan Whitaker A man discovers he still hasn't found what he's looking for. HIROSHI - ME, ME, ME Written by Natalie Menna There's no end to Roberta's delusions…or ranting. Scary that there's a little bit of Roberta in all of us! Series E: Saturday, August 14th at 3:00 pm DAY DREAMS Written by Paul Trupia & Directed by Becky Copley Life can be a dream. THE HANDBAG CLICK-CLACK GIRLS Written & Directed by Anthony Fusco Are they hot or just a hot mess? It's the Golden Girls and Sex and the City combined. SOUL OF A POET Written by Isaac Shapiro & Directed Heather Arnson Featuring: Nick Ciavarella, Seth Grugle, Rachael Harrington & Brent Reams Two people, one with an above average, the other with a below average IQ live together, but their relationship and livelihood become threatened when old secrets are revealed. Series F: Saturday, August 14th at 5:00 pm A TOAST WITH CHAMPALE Written by Veronica Newton Directed by Ali Ayala Featuring: Sarah M. Wood & Rand Guerrero Three weeks ago Stephen asked Grace to marry him. He has not had an answer. Today he wants her decision. Commit or not Grace? That where our story begins. CLOSE TO HOME Written & Directed by Jonathan Cook Featuring: Candace Wood, Christopher Bowman, John Thomas Francis, Jonathan Cook When is an alien not an alien? The answer surprises and delights! BRUNCH Written & Directed by Sari Caine Glickstein Featuring: David J. Goldberg, Erica Knight & Lauren Lucksavage Emily and Harry are having a civilized brunch as underneath tensions fly. Series G: Saturday, August 14th at 7:00 pm THE ASSESSMENT Written by J.M. Eisenman Justin Shapiro is assigned to assess former comedy writer Thelma Drayer for a conservatorship, but just who is assessing who? THE BENEVOLENTS Written & Directed by Devin Doyle Featuring: Susan Mirwis, Adam Kaplan, Kent Abbett, and Hilary Hanson. Entranced by the offers of two ambiguous youths, a recently divorced couple attempt to recapture their individual strength at the mercy of this new offbeat kindness. SUMMER BREEZES IN THE CITY OF THE DEAD Written by Lucas T. Syed Two perspectives on the human connection in crisis. Series H: Saturday, August 14th at 9:00 pm ADULT BOOKS Written by Jonathan Ashley Be careful where you leave your credit card. WHY THEY CAME Written by Jessica Hinds & Directed by Lucia Peters No one knows where they came from or why they came, or their reasons for taking most, and leaving the rest. As four survivors struggle to make sense of what has happened, one man comes to a startling conclusion. GAY HAIKU Written by Samuel Perwin & Directed by Mary Birnbaum Vignettes about gay life in New York City. Series I: Sunday, August 15 at 3:00 pm HEROES Written & Directed by Joseph Lizardi Featuring: Jason Faust & Collin Knight Two different types of Vietnam heroes come face to face about the war. PLAYING THE GAME Written by Holly Hunt & Directed by Susan Tromans Featuring: Peter Augustine, Chris Calaitges, Sherry Mandery & Suellen Romani In relationships, there are many games played. Samantha and Adam go home together to find out the game they are playing is not the one they thought. SIMPLY ME, A musical starring Mitchell Robert. Musical Director, Albee Barr A musical about one man bringing back realization to the essence of living. Series J: Sunday, August 15 at 5:00 pm THE AUDITION Written by Leroy Antonio Edwards & Directed by Carol Kostendiech There is a thin line between Heaven and Hell. RELATIONSHIP COURT Written by Sergio Solorzano Directed by Sergio Solorzano and Adam Brome Bringing justice one boyfriend at a time. THE LOSING GAME Written by Kristen Seavey Cards will land as they may, but hearts will always be the hardest to hold onto. Series K: Sunday, August 15 at 7:00 pm HOME SWEET HOME Written & Directed by Eljon Wardally Featuring: Charlotte Bair-Cucchiaro, Joshua Alexander Stringer & Stephen Hadeed Jr. I am who I was and always will be no matter where I go. BEYOND OPEN LINES Written by Emmanuel Fleischmann & Directed Mark Bloom An elderly Jewish woman searches her memories to find redemption for a life deferred. SOMETHING LIKE PENQUINS Written by Levi Wilson & Directed by Mario Corry Featuring: Levi Wilson & Ryan Nazionale Can people march like penquins? Series L: Sunday, August 15 at 9:00 pm A TASTE OF BAD MEDICINE Written by John Vitkovich A doctor's dishonesty leads to his demise. HEART SLAM (Hardballs, Beer Cans & What I Took Off) Written by David Risk Dropping a lifetime's armor, 5 stout hearted men unpack the pivotal moments that transformed them forevermore. Featuring the Emmy Award Winning Michael Badalucco, who starred on ABC's The Practice for eight primetime seasons, and Tony Award Nominee, Brian Lane Green, the star of Cy Coleman's last Broadway Musical, The Life. GENTLEMAN AND SCHOLAR Written by John Martin & Directed by Nat Habib Featuring: Stephen Braccioforte & Frank Lombardi Things get heated when a know-it-all meets a higher authority in the lower depths. Box Office Hours: Beginning 8/12/10 M-F 6pm - 10pm; Sat/Sun 1pm-10pm Group Sales Number (10+): 646-623-3488 Appropriate For Ages: 12 to Adult

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  • Running Time:1hr 30min
  • Dates:Closed on
  • Location:Theatre at St. Clement's, Off-Off-Broadway