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About This Show

Stages presents voices of trans communities as they have never been heard before, with more than 20 unique productions from all over the United States, Canada, and from as far away as New Zealand.

Performances are at the WOW Cafe (59 E. 4th Street) and Under St. Marks (94 St. Marks Place).

Shows include:

September 13 at Noon

Written and directed by Andrew Barrett, And/or is a cross-generational story about a mother dealing with her trans child with some help from Silvia Rivera.

Cockamamie & Yet Being Unperfect
September 6 at 2pm and September 7 at 2pm & 10pm

Cockamamie by Perry Zeenkov and directed by Jess Hoffman, is about stardom and a penis transplant gone wrong; In Yet Being Unperfect written and directed by Nicole V. Gagne two characters build a golem to bash back the bashers.

Ex Post Papa
Under St. Mark’s
September 6 and September 7 at 7pm

Written and performed by S. Bear Bergman, Ex Post Papa is about mentoring, gender and getting your parents a la carte.

Faces/voices, Steal This Person, Wishes
September 4 at 10pm; September 6 at 8pm

A program of short plays: Faces/Voices by Doreen Perrine, directed by Miriam Eusebio; Steal This Person by Sacha Kenton, directed by Maggie Burkle; Wishes by E.B Boatner, directed by Maggie Burkle.

September 10 at 8pm; September 12 at 10:15pm; September 13 at 8pm

FTM, written and performed by David Harrison, invites you to an intimate look at a transsexual journey from Female-To-Male. Timothy is going through the first year of his gender-change. His transformation is juxtaposed with that of his mother, Jean, who (in another time period) is experiencing changes in her body and female identity as a result of having breast cancer.

September 5 at 8pm; September 6 at 9:45pm; September 7 at 7pm

In Girlesque, writer/performer Sean Owens sings his way through a musical exploration of femininity and fashion sense.

Kinderfag ‘and’ Train Scars And Skin Hopping
Under St. Mark’s
September 5 at 7pm; September 6 at 11pm; September 7 at 9pm

An evening of radical performance: Kinderfag, written and performed by Neeve, also known as drag king Pat Riarch; Skin Hopping and Train Scars, written and performed by Grover Wehman from the drag king boy band New Kids off the Block.

Legally Female & Absolute Nonsense
September 11 at 8pm; September 13 at 2pm

Legally Female, written and performed by by Nichola Gerard, comes all the way from New Zealand. Absolute Nonsense, written and performed by Talia Bettcher, explores gender and species identity.

The Naked I
September 4 at 7:30pm; September 6 at 5pm; September 7 at 5pm

Written by Toby Davis and directed by David Gaard, The Naked I is The Vagina Monologues for transpeople.

Our Lives Turned Inside Out
September 10 at 10pm; September 13 at 5pm

Our Lives Turned Inside Out is written and performed by Yosenio V. Lewis and Angelo.

The Reality Show
September 12 at Midnight

A monthly cabaret with your drag thing host, Sir Real. This month is a Western theme, with Episode Four of Buth McCloud: Your Friendly Neighborhood Lesbian Superhero.

Under St. Mark’s
September 6 at 2pm; September 7 at 7pm

Written and performed by Billi Necole Smtih, Sheema finds a new perspective on being a transwoman.

The Sissy Show
Under St. Mark’s
September 11 at 9pm; September 13 at 2pm

The Sissy Show is a musical romp through the ins and outs of gender.

Trans Erotica
September 6 at Midnight

A trans erotica open mic! Bring your sexy stories and your sexy selves! Hosted by Kate Bornstein.

Underground TRANsit
Under St. Mark’s
September 4 at 9pm; September 5 at 11pm; September 7 at 5pm

Written and performed by KT Kilborn, Underground TRANSit explores gender identity and the New York subway system.

West East
Under St. Mark’s
September 4 at 7pm; September 6 at 5pm; September 10 at 7pm; September 13 at 5pm

West East, written by Riley MacLeod and directed by Rob DeRosa, deals with the relationship between a transman and his HIV+ boyfriend.

Yapping Out Loud
Under St. Mark’s
September 11 at 7pm; September 13 at 7pm

Yapping Out Loud, written and performed by Canadian Mirha-Soliel Ross, is about being trans in the sex worker industry.

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Dates: Opening Night: September 4, 2003 Final Performance: September 13, 2003