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SplitStream is a shared program presenting the works of emerging artists. For the artists, it is an opportunity to find a wider audience. For audiences, it is a chance to experience the deepening experience of cutting-edge choreographers on the move.

Performances November 6-8, 2003 at 7pm:

Remembrances of the Castles: Cycle of Circles by Nia Love
Cycle of Circles reveals the connection and separation between the rich cultures of Ghana and the United States. Remembrances of the Castles explores diversity within the context of influence and information from a completely different culture. Ghana is a reminder of the intense, well-charged circle of life we share with those who live close by, those who live seas beyond our touch and those who occupy dimensional space beyond our vision.

command/shift/delete by Ori Flomin
Communication and miscommunication. Ori Flomin examines how advanced technology and multi-task mentalities interrupt the mind’s focus, alienating ourselves at the very moment we seek connection and closeness.

Descending Matter by Osmany Tellez
An enigmatic composition with energetic relationships, this project for four dancers travels through nameless places and unfamiliar sensations, floating in the space searching for a moment. In this first part, the work turns around tension and balance.

Performances November 13-15 at 7pm:

Choke Go Up by Pat Cremins
Choke Go Up situates us in a world of dislocation and shifting perspectives. Dressed in translucent paper costumes, the dancers move as though breaking free from something unseen.

Better I’d Stayed Up by Nichole Canuso
Better I’d Stayed Up is a lush dance theater work inspired by Italo Calvino’s collection of Italian folk tales. Witches in a surreal wood beset a young woman; a lover appears so long as breath flows through a golden trumpet. Desire and the flimsiness of reality dance in this magical tale.

Beacon by Yanira Castro
Confined within a narrow performance arena and viewed from a distance, Beacon is a dance installation that explores dislocation as the echo of violence. Three female dancers perform a series of isolated moments. Minute phrases are deconstructed so that action is rarely continuous, but is interrupted and seldom fulfilled. A spare light installation frames the piece, illuminating where the action is not taking place.

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Dates: Opening Night: November 6, 2003 Final Performance: November 15, 2003
Location: Dance Theater Workshop, New York City

219 W 19th St,

New York,


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