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Featuring a claustrophic set design, in which the performers are literally trapped inside large wooden boxes with just enough room to stand, outfitted with fluorescent lights, plexiglass, surveillance cameras and audio equipment, Someone in the Ghost Box Told Me It Was You is a theatrical meditation on the subjects of entrapment, surveillance, love, suicide and psychosis.

Piecing together shattered memories, Victor begins to realize he may have murdered his lover on a subway platform. But is there actually another force at work that feeds off of Victor’s darkness and confusion? Someone in the Ghost Box Told Me It Was You features writing, direction, and scenic design by Kenneth Collins; video by William Cusick (Big Art Group); music by Andrew Elsesser; costumes by TaraFawn Marek; and performances by Ben Beckley, Alisa Burket, Gary Hogan, and Anne Sorce.

Temporary distortion is a performance group led by writer, director, and designer Kenneth Collins. Founded in 2002, Temporary distortion creates unique nonlinear juxtapositions of text, image, and sound, emphasizing stillness, minimalism, and the search for a new style of chamber theatre performance. Focused on creating a delusionary and dreamlike stillness in its work, Temporary distortion seeks to counter the ever present frenetic rush found in popular media, New York City, and much other new theatre. Temporary distortion’s work has been seen at The Ontological Theater’s Blueprint Series, The NY International Fringe Festival, and The Chocolate Factory’s Fresh Meat Festival. In 2005, Collins participated in the Outside/Input program at the Ontological Theater.

Appropriate for adult audiences.

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Dates: Opening Night: February 23, 2006 Final Performance: February 25, 2006
Location: The Chocolate Factory, New York City

5-49 49th Ave,

New York,


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