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Rounding Third, by Richard Dresser, is the hilarious and tumultuous journey of two Little League coaches through an entire season -- from their first tentative meeting to the climactic championship game. Don (Mark Doherty) is the rough, blue-collar, win-at-all costs veteran coach whose son is the star pitcher. Michael (Hank Offinger) is a newcomer both to the town and to baseball. He's a corporate executive who agrees to be Don's assistant because he wants a special activity with his son, who's never played baseball before. Despite their differences, Don and Michael form an uneasy alliance for the benefit of the team. And over the course of exhilirating victories, heartbreaking defeats, and interminable rainouts, the two men battle over how to lead the team. Michael believes that the job of the coaches is to shield the kids from the intense pressure of competition while making sure everyone has a good time. Don thinks thinks they should be teaching the kids how to win. By the end of the play, Don's personal life has come crashing down around him and he's forced to see both his son and the team in a different light, and Michael must confront an unfamiliar but powerful sensation: he really wants to win. Produced by special arrangement with THE DRAMATIC PUBLISHING COMPANY of Woodstock, Illinois

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