About This Show

Take 6 Choreographers, 6 Composers and 12 Dancers with extremely diverse backgrounds. Give them an exciting assignment. Let them boil for a few days in an intensive rehearsal incubator. Take the lid off to see what they’ve made. You will have enough to serve 6 New Dance Pieces made in just 4 Days. Serve to a large crowd with much fanfare.

Raw Impressions, Inc. presents Raw Impressions Dance Theatre (RIDT) Event #2 – “Turning Point”

CHOREOGRAPHERS: James Darling, Lynn Mancinelli, Aaron Nichols, Stephanie Tack, Edisa Weeks

COMPOSERS: Danny Ashkenasi, Deborah Hurwitz, Nick Moore, John Plenge, Myrna Schloss, Ljova Zhurbin

PERFORMERS: Lisa Mercer, Victoria Taylor, Renee deFranco, Toby Parsons, Maribeth Maxa, Jessica Snyder
Kelly Jackson, Kyle Sanders, Summer Robertson, Chase Granoff, Erin Hunter

PRODUCERS: David Rodwin, Chris Tiné

Show Details

Dates: One Night Only: November 12, 2002
Location: The Culture Project--45 Below, New York City

45 Bleecker St,

New York,


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