Random Sexual Acts

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Random Sexual Acts is an evening of short plays by John Lee and Derek Paul Narendra that takes a biting look at the human sex drive and the mysterious power that it wields over all of us. The evening is comprised of the following plays:

The Parisian Love Story by Derek Paul Narendra
A strange woman approaches a down-and-out writer at a romantic outdoor cafe in Paris and seemingly mistakes him for her favorite novelist, a wildly popular best-selling author. At first he dismisses it as a case of mistaken identity or a ploy designed to lure him into a sexual tryst. But the more she talks, the more he believes that she might actually be telling the truth.

Honesty by John Lee
Despite Jane’s insistence on frequenting sleazy bars in search of any and all anonymous sexual encounters, John thinks that the two of them could be happy together for the rest of their lives. Determined to finally be the kind of man that Jane seems to crave, John shows up at her favorite bar to declare his love.

The Proposal By Derek Paul Narendra
Two ambitious urban professionals live out their entire relationship–from courtship and marriage through divorce–via the cold and unforgiving customs of the business world that seems to have taken over their very existence.

Spam, Inc. by John Lee
Phillip is a harried office executive who lives in fear of his boss, a domineering woman who seems to take an almost sadistic pleasure in torturing him. A chance encounter with a sexy-voiced woman who just happens to work downstairs provides him with the ammunition he needs to turn the tables on his boss once and for all.

Lights, Camera, Action by Derek Paul Narendra
It’s the late 1920’s, just before talkies will revolutionize the film industry, and husband and wife Hollywood hopefuls David and Sophia are making a movie that’s caught the attention of none other than Sam Goldwyn. But the movie and their relationship are suddenly on the line when director David falls victim to the wiles of his sultry script girl Eve, who’s hellbent on achieving stardom any way she can.

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Dates: Opening Night: August 4, 2003 Final Performance: August 20, 2003