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HERE Arts Center presents its eighth annual [email protected] festival, a cultural exploration of the lives and work of GLBT artists featuring seventeen exciting works. Featuring new work from headliner Taylor Mac in his brand new performance art cabaret about love, Armageddon style; neo-Vaudevillian performance with hula hoops; the smart physical dances of Hijack; the birth of an Alligator boy; naked puppets and lots more. FEATURED PERFORMER! June 18 & June 25 at 10:30pm PM & June 19 & June 26 at 7PM: Cardiac Arrest or Venus on a Half Clam, by Taylor Mac: Taylor Mac returns to the stage with this brand new performance art cabaret about Gay Marriage, morning masturbation sessions, hanky codes, and his failing relationship with Dick Cheney. A new show about love and sex, Armageddon style. June 15-16 at 7 PM: In Heat: An Amusing Evening of Discomforting Essays by Lisa Haas, directed by Jocelyn Sawyer; performed by Kent Gibson and Lisa Haas: lampoons menstrual flow, casual sex and other below the waist activities. WITH Naked & Famous Written and performed by Andy Horwitz, directed by David Gautschy: A new comic monologue about the perils of getting what you think you want. June 16 at 10:30 PM: High/Limbo/High, by A. Rey Pamatmat; directed by Patrick Diamond: 2 couples, 5 substances, 5 bars, 1 car: - 5 scenes performed in random order - 120 possibilities! June 17 & June 18 at 7PM: "Hijack's First Show in New York" Hijack Dance Company: an evening of short dance works by Kristin Van Loon and Arwen Wilder. June 17 at 10:30 PM: Descendants of Freedom by Andre Lancaster: A Futuristic Queer Hip Hop Odyssey; a triumphant story of how HIV+ LGBT youth of color live with hope and risk. June 19 at 10:30PM, June 20 at 7PM: Honey Toes Makes a Scene by Amy Jo Goddard: Goddess-worshipping Mistress HoneyToes conspires to concoct the perfect scene for a uniquely deviant client. WITH "Eager Martyrs" Choreographed, written and performed by Matt Jenson: Three characters plucked from paintings and sculptures depicting the nude. June 21 at 7PM: "The Good Enemy" Choreographed by Jesse Phillips- Fein, music by Adam Matta and Brook Martinez: A music/dance work distilling the energies of occupation and resistance into one body and two duets, whose parts are trying to claim the same space. WITH "Unknown Horizons" Randy James Dance Company - An extremely physical dance framed by sensual luxury June 22 & June 23 at 7PM: TWO WORKS FROM DARK EARTH direction, puppetry and sound by Ariel Goldberger Two innovative works exploring the kabalistic idea of failed worlds and the queer experience. WITH Civil Woman Written by Jenni Werner; puppetry design by Emily Stork A woman uncovers history and discovers the truth about Civil War soldier Albert Cashier. He was a woman. June 24 & June 25 at 7 PM: Puttin' on the Agony, Puppetry and found text by Daniel Lang/Levitsky Social dances for paper dolls with gay 90's music boxes and queer 00's over-sharing. WITH Voom Performed by Victoria Libertore;, directed by Kimberly I. Kefgen, and dramaturged by Loren Noveck Neo-vaudeville performance cracks open the naughtiness of humanity and the underworld of archetypes. WITH Congratulations...It's an Alligator Boy!, Performed by Glenn Webb, featuring Jasmina Sinanovic. An exploration of queer experience that uses a monster as metaphor. WITH "Bullet Proof Wristbands", Written and performed by Elizabeth Whitney: Invincibility, invisibility, and other Amazonian mysteries. June 26 at 10:30PM: "Foursome: 4 solo artists getting' it on together", Performed by Heather Ács, Carolyn Connelly, Laura Reyna, and Beth Smulyan: Queer, Chicana, Femme, Trans, Fat, Fabulous stories--takin' it from the streets to the stage.

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