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Mabou Mines presents avant-garde legend Lee Breuer's Pataphysics Penyeach (a la Alfred Jarry), two one-acts: Summa Dramatica - a spiritual acting lesson, and Porco Morto - a memorial service for Gonzo Porco PhD, an avant-garde pig. Delivered as a lecture/postscript to William James' "Varieties of Religious Experience", Summa sends up and up and up into the ionosphere -"Acting-in-Itself". A post-obit Porco, author of "The Lonely Planet Guide to Heaven on Earth", comes back to life via a bunraku puppet. OBIE award winners Ruth Maleczech and Greg Mehrten star as a four-armed bovine Goddess, and as an old pot head pig who fell in love with the New York Times when he realized he had always wanted to screw the system.

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