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"A memorable show that should absolutely not be missed....The black satirical tone to which Martinelli has long accustomed us is coloured by the Fratelli Mancuso's music of land and the faraway, and by Renda's intensity, taut with a note of pain, of pietas, that move and wound. The show leaves us astonished, indignant and not only: it digs beneath indifference, carving out faces, stories and sufferings that continue to live within us for days." – Corriere della Sera-Bologna

Supported by Amnesty International and lionized by Italian critics, this dark, intense melologue (short work for voice and music) protests the indifference of Fortress Europe to the everyday tragedy of refugees from Africa, who have perished for years in the Strait of Sicily on fruitless sea voyages to escape massacres and starvation in their homelands.

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