Manifest Destiny: A Historical Rock Spectacular

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About This Show

Fresh off the hit Off-Broadway transfer of A Very Merry Unauthorized Children’s Scientology Pageant, downtown company Les Freres Corbusier serves up their latest collision of theater, historical revisionism and good old-fashioned rock and roll with this Manifest Destiny: A Historical Rock Spectacular. Taking its cue from George W. Bush’s imperialist dream of bringing democracy to both the Iraqi people and the Martians, the show steps back to examine the historical meaning and consequence of western expansion with the help of three of New York’s hottest young rock bands and enough streaming media to give Dick Cheney a heart attack.

By blending historical monologues, stand-up comedy, and concert performances by the bands The Fabulous Entourage, We Are Scientists, and Tomorrow’s Friend, Manifest Destiny seeks to tear down the wall between performance styles to create something greater than simply theatre or merely rock.

Each band will perform a set of six songs, with a mix of thematically relevant tunes created especially for Manifest Destiny as well as the fan favorites that have made each of them known and loved throughout the downtown music world. Interspersed in-between and during the songs will be monologues, scenes, and readings that tell the historical story of Manifest Destiny–from the Vikings looking for a new land to the California gold miners searching for a fortune to the Russian Cosmonauts expanding the limits of human knowledge. The production is conceived and directed by Alex Timbers.

Schedule: Friday, March 19th; Thursday, 25th; and Friday, 26th at 9:00.

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Dates: Opening Night: March 19, 2004 Final Performance: March 26, 2004