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As they start dating, Maddie and Beau at first are thrilled to discover they have an uncanny connection. Yet the lovebirds run into a little problem as they start to get it on: Maddie thinks she's the reincarnation of Beau's twin brother, Jim.

The lady or the brother? That's the complicated choice Beau faces as he thinks longingly about the sibling he lost a lifetime ago.

Jim's Room is playwright Albi Gorn's response years ago to the stillbirth that took the life of one of his and wife Robin Anne Joseph's newborn twins.

"What was an unimaginably painful time in my life," he says, "found a place to land when I thought about not only what my deceased child would have been like, but what my living child would have been like had he had his brother in his life. Jim's Room imagines the humor and the magic in the possibility of recovering that relationship."

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