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In Freemove Dance's debut evening-long work …it's time…, everyone is literally "on the clock." The piece, choreographed by Jenn Freeman, is conceived as a meditation on each individual's intricate relationship to time. The work features five dancers whose performances are both constrained and propelled by the presence of a large digital timer, inexorably counting down towards zero. The evocative live drum score, composed by Dani Markham (Childish Gambino), serves as the soundtrack to the dance conceived as a metaphor of a lifetime — one long, cinematic take in which performers transition through changing ambiances, styles, and energies.

The work features five dancers: Maddison Burg, Mia DeWeese, Matt Luck, Christopher Ralph, and Chelsea Thedinga. Markham's score for the piece will be performed live by Price McGuffey.

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