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Soho Think Tank presents it’s annual summer festival, Ice Factory ’02.


July 4-6 – No Meat, No Irony by Robert Lyons produced by Soho Think Tank
A business writer with a taste for red-meat rhetoric interviews with the CEO of Vegetarian Lifestyle.com to ghost-write her biography. She has more on her mind than a “New Economy” Valentine. But is he the man for the job? An absurd stress interview from the 21st Century.

July 10-13 – Utopians by The Flying Machine

The internationally acclaimed ensemble The Flying Machine presents this fully re-imagined revival of their highly acclaimed 1996 production – a vision uniting clown, Beckett, german expressionism, silent film, and shadow play in a half-lit metropolis where three outrageous characters emerge from a catastrophic event only to find themselves alone in a world that never had room for them in the first place. Joshua Carlebach directs.

July 17-20 – Moby Dick by WORKS Productions

WORKS Productions presents this new adaptation of Herman Melville’s seminal American novel, Moby Dick. The play brings to life this classic tale of one man’s obsessive quest for vengeance, weaving together the music of the sea and Melville’s beautiful language within the visual tapestry created by director Hilary Adams and adapter/filmmaker Julian Rad’s action filled script.

July 24-27 – The Hush by Hush Productions (U.K.)
This comedy is a side-splitting tale of hapless detectives, bumbling villains, and a seductive femme fatale. Buster Keaton meets Goodfellas in a silent comedy inspired by the golden era of cinema.

July 31 – Aug. 3 – Sea of Love by Trav S.D.

This burlesque romp explores a repressed WASPs reluctant discovery of the Joys of Sex. In a series of waves, he encounters a nymphomaniac co-worker, his lesbian mom, the ghost of his sea-captain father, and receives a visit from the swishy God Poseidon. Echoes of the Ridiculous as Trav S.D. mixes drag queens, burlesque dancers, Busby Berkley, sea chanteys and boatfulls of one-liners to tell the tale.

Aug 7-10 – Catcall by Rebeca Ramirez
This comedy is based on men’s, and occasionally women’s, unquenchable appetite for appreciating other’s physical attributes – OUT LOUD. Based on a series of candid interviews with men and women, it explores the absurd lengths to which we will go,, both physically and verbally, to attract the opposite sex.

Aug 14-17 – Death of Nations by International WOW
Moses was a terrorist who advocated the killing of children in the name of God – George Washington was a slave owner – Jesus thought sex was a bad thing – Mohammed preached jihad -Freud thought women were mentally inferior – Plato advocated a strict caste system – Confucious crippled young girls – Anybody ever wonder where all the evil in the world comes from? Look within, you’ll find it. Death of Nations is a play about the origin of Nations, the beliefs that hold them together, and the way they make us who we are. YES globalization. Smash the WTO! – directed by Josh Fox.

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Dates: Opening Night: July 4, 2002 Final Performance: August 17, 2002
Location: Ohio Theatre, New York City

66 Wooster St,

New York,


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