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Axis Company's episodic multimedia play Hospital examines the interior life of a man in a terminal coma. Entering this state in a different way every year, the audience travels with him as he lives out his last few days roaming the vast, dark interiors of his own brain. Although Hospital is a serial play, each evening can be viewed separately as a self-contained, short play. In Hospital 2009, an astronaut is sitting listening to music in the NOMAD, an escape pod connected to the mothership EARHART. When he accidentally releases the connector arm, his tiny ship hurtles uncontrollably into space. There is the possibility that he has sustained a life threatening brain injury during the accident, but his consciousness is traveling in the void. Waiting for rescue, the astronaut is visited by friends and memories. He thinks he might even be back on Earth, but then he finds himself traveling to destinations not on NASA's flight plan. The final journey of the possibly comatose astronaut, who might be in his apartment after all, is played out against the backdrop of one human being's heart-breaking spirit.

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