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Magic Bridge Theatre Company presents the premiere of Happy Flower and the Weeping Willow, an original musical by Kimberly Foster (Creator of A Dolphin Up a Tree! and The Big Stew). This is the story of young Happy Flower who must journey to the Land of Wept to rescue her pet flower, Fluffy. Along the way, she meets Weepy, a sad Weeping Willow. Happy teaches Weepy to laugh and brings him to the Land of the Sillies where laughter and fun prevails. When their friendship is threatened, Happy Flower must prove that she is not a fair-weather friend and learns the value of tears. Through friendship and understanding, Fluffy Flower is found, the Magic Bridge is re-built and the two lands are united while everyone learns the value of laughing and crying. Featuring the music of Josh Sitron (Nick Jr.'s hit, Dora the Explorer Disney's PB+J Otter). Paul Urcioli directs.

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