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DMT is proud to announce an ambitious program of shows, in which nearly all of the Bard's great works will be ruthlessly mutilated, bent, battered, cut to ribbons and otherwise manhandled: Grudge Match: DMT Vs. Shakespeare. Theater purists will wail, Shakespeare scholars will faint, literature hounds will blanch in horror as the indie theater impresario mercilessly bodyslams the venerated playwright's finest and most beloved works with no regard whatsoever for the rules of etiquette, theater, or fair play! Victorious in battle, triumphant in war, chosen by the people to lead, Titus Andronicus has returned home after 10 long years defending the honor, the ethics, the very existence of the nation state she loves -- only to discover that the art of politics and the skirmishes within the halls of power are darker, crueler, and more violent than anything she has seen on the battlefield. Her nation changed beyond recognition, her leaders corrupt and venal, the rules she lives by mocked and broken, she devises a revenge for her new enemies far worse than anything she could have done at war. This radical remaking of one of Shakespeare's most controversial works boldly recasts the family Andronici as a matriarchal career military clan, with Titus as the grande dame of Roman warcraft and her sister Marta as the no-nonsense Tribune of the people. Re-envisioning this dark revenge melodrama as a conflict between matriarchs vying for power and justice in a wartorn world, the show's themes of sacrifice, honor, vengeance, and cruelty are thrown into stark relief in a way never before quite envisioned.

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  • Dates:Closed on
  • Location:The Brick Theater, Off-Off-Broadway