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Directed by Magnet co-founder Armando Diaz, Fess Up & Mull It Over! is a bizarro self-help revival in which audience members unburden their souls on stage with the help of internet-ordained minister Alan Fessenden and self-taught unaccredited psychologist Eileen Mullane. From confessions of deep, dark sins to admissions of spirit-crushing guilt, the good brother Fessenden and the motivational Miss Mullane can help even the most troubled souls. But the healing doesn't stop there... With the help of the Fess Up & Mull It Over Players, Fessenden and Mullane show - through improvised scenes - how past misdeeds have manifested, and also present the future consequences of the confessor's iniquity if he or she fails to heed the duo's advice and see the light. Part Christmas Carol, part Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker revival, Fess Up & Mull It Over! aims to reawaken the audience's belief in - well, certainly not God - but definitely improvised comedy. In addition to Alan Fessenden and Eileen Mullane, Fess Up & Mull It Over! stars some of Magnet Theater's best improvisers, including Paul Downs, Louis Kornfeld, Marcy Jarreau, Lauren Olson, Mike Trupiano, and Nick Zimmerman. There is no show on Friday, November 24.

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