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In this version directed by The Secret Theatre’s Artistic Director, Richard Mazda, we are faithful to Marlowe’s script but have cut some minor characters or combined others, which has produced a superb thrilling paced tragedy. The entire production is played on custom platforms set at different heights connected by a ‘catwalk’ connecting the ‘Court’ to the ‘Battlements’. The graphic themes of behind the King’s tragic downfall and the gruesome murders, executions and general mayhem are explored in highly stylized contemporary manner with striking lighting and staging. Suitable for mature audiences only with some partial male nudity and occasional graphic violence. The Story:Following the King’s death and Edward’s ascension to the throne, his lover Piers Gaveston returns to the court. Edward’s French Queen, Isabella and the nobles, Mortimer, Lancaster, Warwick and the Clergy are outraged that the King should flaunt his lover at court. Mortimer conspires with Isabella and the other nobles to rid themselves of the irritating presence of Gaveston. At first the nobles and the Church persuade the King to exile Gaveston who is made Governor of Ireland. When Gaveston returns from this brief second exile events spiral out of control. Edward II and Gaveston go to war against the Nobles and the Queen’s forces. Gaveston is captured and murdered and the King is thrown into his own prison. The court hopes to persuade him that he should abdicate in favor of his son, Prince Edward. Edward’s brother Edmund, Duke of Kent horrified at the King’s injurious treatment threatens to rescue him. This turn of events convinces the Queen that Edward should be assassinated before the details of her conspiracy and collusion with Mortimer are revealed. She dispatches Lightborn [Lucifer] to do the deed. The assassination of Edward is one of the most horrific & gruesome deaths of any English monarch; he is murdered in his prison cell with a red-hot poker.Following this tragic end, Edward’s young son, Edward III upon becoming King discovers Mortimer and his mother’s plot. Mortimer is beheaded and Isabella is thrown into prison for treason. As the young King hold’s the traitor Mortimer’s head before him he proclaims, " Sweet father, here unto thy murdered ghost, I offer up this wicked traitor’s head;"

Show Details

Running Time: 1hr 50min (1 intermission)
Dates: Opening Night: April 9, 2008 Final Performance: April 26, 2008

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