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Disparate Human aka Angry Haitian Woman* is the story of a Haitian-American woman who speaks of her experiences with not being able to get angry because of shame, fear, and stigma. She takes audiences on a journey in which her inner and amazing light dims through years of people putting her in a box and insulting her because she is Haitian, a fact she cannot help.

This reflection came about after a disturbing and insulting conversation that she had with an older man who had seen her at an acting event doing one scene. Not even an acting coach, he told her that she needed to be more angry in the scene because of her experiences as a black woman. He compared her acting to a popular TV show, then proceeded to tell her to get with the program because she was leaving Hollywood money on the table. He topped it off with a prejudicial insult to Haitians and Jamaicans. Her anger got the better of her, and she went back to the event space to school him on some facts about blacks and whites and being Haitian.

In the end, does any of it matter? She examines the most-accepted, least-discussed stereotype of the angry black woman, which has its origins in minstrel shows. Will he see the error of his ways by the end of the conversation or go back to stereotyping black women and believing that he is superior to Haitians and Jamaicans?

  • disparate: essentially different in kind, not allowing comparison

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  • Running Time:1hr (0 intermissions)
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    Producers Club, Off-Off-Broadway