About This Show

A non-competitive, interactive game show where families shape the dance…

Whose move is it anyway? Dance Improv Game Show is an interactive family event where kids have a say in what takes place on stage. Now in its second season, this non-competitive showcase offers an opportunity for kids to see five improv experts from far-flung backgrounds use their bodies and voices to freely express themselves. Hosted by actress, performer and Kitchen Curator of Family Programming, Treva Offutt, Dance Improv Game Show features Kevin Bachman, Wanjiru Kamuyu, Mei-Yin Ng, David Thomson.

The afternoon begins with a group warm up (including performers and audience), followed by the contestants showcasing their individual styles for three minutes each. Finally host Treva Offutt calls on audience members to suggest settings and sounds to be performed by the guest stars on the spot. Audience members are encouraged to be as bold and imaginative with their suggestions as they like. So how would a hippo dance in an overcrowded parade? Come and find out!

Show Details

Dates: One Night Only: March 6, 2004