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In Burden, performance artist Marissa Perel transforms the Chocolate Factory’s basement and gallery into interactive installation and performance spaces. Using documents from her own near-fatal accident and subsequent recovery, Perel will take visitors through a part of her past experience, guiding their participation in activities taken from her recovery process and her life. Special guests lay their burdens down in nightly cleansing performance-ceremonies, which Perel will conduct from a bathtub in the elevator shaft of The Chocolate Factory. Each night will build on the night before, as the basement fills with constructions of original and found text, moving bodies, and music.

Burden features performance by Kayvon Pourazar and live music by Jon Moniaci. The installation will be on view from 6PM each night; performances begin at 8pm. As a collaborator with Miguel Gutierrez and the Powerful People, poet/performer Marissa Perel created text and performed in Damnation Road at the Kitchen, and contributed to earlier projects at DTW and elsewhere. She has also performed with choreographers Beth Gill (The Kitchen) and Justine Lynch. Musician/composer Jon Moniaci recently collaborated with choreographer Chase Granoff (Fresh Tracks @ DTW). Other recent collaborators include Peter Jacobs, Tom Fruin, Dean Moss, Mark Jarecke, Chris Peck, Nate Wooley, James Ilgenfritz, Nancy Forshaw-Clapp and others. Kayvon Pourazar has performed with Beth Gill, Jennifer Monson, Doug Varone and Dancers, Gwen Welliver, K.J. Holmes, The Metropolitan Opera, Gabriel Masson Dance and Malashock Dance and Company. Kayvon’s own work has been shown at Sacramento State University’s Shasta Hall, P.S 122, The Cunningham Studios and Dixon Place. He is currently performing with the John Jasperse Company, The Donna Uchizono Company and Levi Gonzalez.

***Show starts at 8:00pm, Installation opens at 6:00 pm each night.

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Dates: Opening Night: April 13, 2006 Final Performance: April 15, 2006
Location: The Chocolate Factory, New York City

5-49 49th Ave,

New York,


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