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A bold re-imagining of the Prometheus and Pandora myths. Legend has it
that Prometheus gave man the beautiful gift of fire. Pandora gave man
a sea of troubles. History has cast Prometheus as the hero/creator
and Pandora as the villain/ destroyer. Of course, it’s much more
complicated than that. Both are bound. She to the legacy of her act
of opening the fated “box” (jar actually). He to the confines of his
desolate mountain crag, and to the history of violence and destruction
that his gift of fire ultimately produced. They are both tortured by
the results of their actions. But are they bound forever to pay for

The play is a modern poetic take on two enduring myths, and finds its inspiration in a broad range of classical and contemporary materials. It is fiercely physical, and epic in scope, traveling from the moment Prometheus first gave man fire (and Pandora opened the fated jar), to modern times.

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Running Time: 2hr 0min (1 intermission)
Dates: Opening Night: June 8, 2011 Final Performance: June 18, 2011

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Performances begin: November 7, 2024

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