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Feed the Herd Theatre Company and Publicity Outfitters present Blurring the Lines: Sharkey’s Night + Blackstocking Jenkins + I Dreamed of Dogs.

Recently workshopped and presented by Odyssey Theatre Ensemble, Sharkey’s Night, the new play by Feed the Herd Artistic Director brian e snapp, is a sado-masochistic noir thriller for the poetic set. When a man’s tortured body disappears under bizarre circumstances, detectives turn to the only person found near the scene-an elusive, doe-eyed woman with all the appearances of a frightened child. She insists her name is Sharkey, but reveals nothing more. However, as the night wears on and their patience grows thin, their questions begin to reveal that her involvement in the death may have been far different than originally thought.

You ever heard of that cat Blackstocking Jenkins? Who is he? Where’s he from? What does he want? Is he dangerous? Is he like you? Who’s watching? What do they look like? Find out before he’s gone, find out before we’re all gone. Blackstocking Jenkins, by Eric Michael Kochmer and directed by Emanuel Bocchieri, takes you on a journey of verbal jazz, run-on sentences and a man’s moral breakdown.

I Dreamed of Dogs has been workshopped and performed throughout NYC for over a year, and never looks the same. Written and performed by Eric Michael Kochmer, Dogs is the mad-night-sweat-driven stories of a man that doesn’t know where to find hope, and is terrified by what the search brings. Portraying nearly twenty hilarious and grotesque characters, and performing his own original music, Kochmer shows us that from every dream, a very strange story can grow. You’ll be too busy laughing to realize that Dogs has just scared your pants off and made you cry. Ross Peabody directs.

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Dates: Opening Night: November 3, 2003 Final Performance: November 17, 2003
Location: Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural Center, New York City

107 Suffolk St,

New York,


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