About This Show

Bliss follows the journey of consciousness after death, during the interval between death and rebirth (bardo), and serves as an allegorical guide for the living. In this new multi-disciplinary production, Artistic Director René Migliaccio’s staging is a visual and poetic dance/theatre odyssey within the mind of an individual striving to awaken to a Higher Consciousness. The journey is theatrically of double nature: the actor living the text of the Bardo and a Butoh dancer manifesting as his supra consciousness on the path of liberation. Original music features a fusion of ambient and accents of sounds and voices from the world, journeying on a wide spectrum from dark to ethereal moods. Projections create the pictorial environment for the journeyer on his path to liberation, immersing the audience in the symbolic dimension of dreams.

Show Details

Dates: Opening Night: September 8, 2016 Final Performance: September 25, 2016