About This Show

Japanese choreographer Kakuya Ohashi makes his United States debut with his provocative performance Wish You Were Here, a deeply unsettling duet exploring the compulsion and neurosis of Tokyo’s hyper-urban life. Set to a live sound score by Skank, performers Ohashi and Miu Miu appear side by side, yet isolated, moving through separate actions from the pedestrian to the convulsive, creating a rigorous psycho-sexual landscape.

Architectural in her approach, Brooklyn-based choreographer Beth Gill explores the tension between stillness and action through a deliberately stripped-down movement vocabulary. This new work, wounded giant, uses the minimal action of seven performers who, propelled by their own internal momentum, move through the space and naturally come to rest as they encounter points of resistance.

Show Details

Dates: Opening Night: September 29, 2005 Final Performance: September 30, 2005