About This Show

The People’s Improv Theatre presents A Night with Red Bastard.

Red Bastard, NYC’s fastest growing performance icon, is a visual powerhouse of no holds barred Comedy. One of the few performers capable of performing in the difficult performance style of Bouffon, his work is celebrated by all who witness.

Provocative, outrageous, and hysterical, this One Man Bouffon Show stars Red Bastard as a grotesque, yet disarmingly charming movement instructor, whose enormous ego is matched only by his colossal red ass. In this show, Red Bastard proceeds to take the piss out of elitism, theatre, politics, the audience and even himself. Not to be missed! Cirque du Soleil meets Eddie Izzard meets (are you kidding? Nobody is doing this!)

Show Details

Dates: One Night Only: March 15, 2004