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A Dog and Pony Show tells the story of Job, a prisoner of conscience, a woman without guilt who suffers terribly for the sole satisfaction of her keepers: a dog and pony. Like most prisoners she declares her innocence and cannot understand why she is being punished. Her world is destroyed and even those who love her can not accept that she is blameless. No one suffers punishment so extreme without somehow deserving it. Dog and Pony
are manifestations of God and Satan. They are characterized as a pair of thoughtless children who arbitrarily argue opposite sides of an ever changing battle to determine Job¹s destiny. In an isolated cell Job toils
to define a world she cannot control. She struggles to understand the point of her conviction until it no longer matters. Her torments end as suddenly as they began. Her love for Dog and Pony, however, remains unchanged. Written and directed by Patricia Fox.

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Dates: Opening Night: May 3, 2001 Final Performance: May 26, 2001
Location: Chashama@111, New York City

111 W 42nd St,

New York,


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