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Written by Ken Urban, with direction and video design by Brian Rogers, 2 Husbands is a heavy-duty multi-media production that follows two narratives: First is a husband's perspective on the vegetable state of his former wife. Wishing to terminate her life-support, he must face the media and political circus surrounding the situation (based on the Terri Schiavo case). The second is a husband who recently lost his wife in a tragedy. He hires a "messenger" from the After Life Telegram Service - a real organization that connects people who recently lost someone with a person who is about to die so that the soon-to-be deceased can memorize a message and deliver it to the recently departed in Heaven. As soon as he does, however, his dead wife starts making ghostly appearances. It is only when these two husbands' lives intersect that they finally are able to find some solace. More than a year in development, 2 Husbands is based on a concept by Brian Rogers and Ken Urban.

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